torsdag 21 november 2013

World eater pre heresy

Hey guys, just finished reading hours heresy trilogy. So i came up with this little idea. I know it's not pre heresy armour but I wanted to test the paint job on some space marines just to test paint white. They are not finished. Just base coated the white and glued on the shoulder pads.

First I need to buy new colours..
The white paint was not the best with clumps and stuff.. urg..
This is a project that I'm gonna be running for a time now.

My plan is to play a 1000 pts with the chaos marines codex. I'm not sure because I like plague marines more than berzerkers..
So maybe death guard with garro as commander. 
I bought an old rhino a few months back and now it's the time to use it I think.

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