lördag 16 november 2013

Salamanders vs Alpha Legion

This weekend I went to my home Vimmerby.
I first had a game with my cousin.
1500 pts of zombies, plague marines and zombies. Great.
Thanks god that my cousin forgets stuff when we are playing like feel no pain.
Mission: The relic
Deployment: vanguard

The first two rounds I was afraid, two full units of fearless zombies ( I smelled tarpit) plus elite guys behind.
70 something models vs 32.
His hellbrute with lascanon did everything that was wrong. We had a big laugh about it on his cost.
Two fully loaded land raiders with tactical squads backed up by two heavy terminators and librarians rolled upp turn two and rapid fire everything and the terminator went on the plague marines.
Turn 4 he gave up after only 12 zombies left and dome plague marines and typhus and his bodyguard.
I forgot to take the last pictures.
Fun game, as always thanks Alle!

Now I have seen what the biomancy tree do to power armour. Wow. Great powers, even the primaris power smite.
Two games will be rolled upp tomorrow with the same list. I will take a picture of it and write down the army list soon.
Have a great evening guys!
/ Fillee

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