måndag 11 november 2013

Thoughts: the librarian

Okey, at the morning before work I sat tweaked on my 2 land raider 1500 list that fritz inspired me to work on a year ago. Now with the new codex I needed to do a new one.
In the old codex I had cassius as Hq. Now I just realised that a libby can take biomass you! Wow! That is huge in a gaming club then most of the guys plays of course MEQ.
The biomancy tree offers alot of Ap 2 stuff and on a lvl 2 libby it's a chance to get iron arm. Suddenly a libby can be the tank in a terminator squad and hit at initiative, I like power sword + the strength.

With this I'm not saying my libby will do the job for me but I have a chance to do just the little extra that I need in a list with only 27-+ models.
I will post some pictures of the list and full detail on it when it's painted and ready for a game. I will play two games in the upcoming weekend. So I hope it will be interesting.
More to come!
/ Fillee

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