måndag 12 oktober 2015

Imperial Knight WIP

I got this awesome gift of my girlfriend Jessika for birthday present!
I was so happy and excited to start work with it.
So guys, I lvl 23(yey) AND I got this of my girlfriend as a birthday gift, oh man I can't describe how happy I am!
The Imperial Knight is one of the kits for me that is like: yeha it's cool buuut... that's a lot of money and at the moment when I was looking at it I didn't had time or motivation to buy and start building one.
But just this happy day my motivation was on 6% before and 100% after I got it!
So the same night when I got home to my dorm I started to work on the Knight. Remember this was the last week, I now have a lot more progress so I will put up more WIP pics until hes done.
On the pictures below you can see what I did last week.
Wish me luck.
Until next time guys, Fillee
I started with the tricky parts to fix. The joint to the legs and body to make it easy to transport and to show its a wreck( just hope it will never come to that)
The skeleton and lower body got the assembled to see if it would really fit.
With the magnet, the hole was perfect to put inside so I didn't had to buy new mags just to fit it in. 
To make it alot toughter I glues and cross on the inside so it will not pop out.
To make the base I used cork, stone and rocks from IKEA's goods.
And the Horus Heresy Abbadon and Loken fight scenery diorama, Yes THAT part. 
When you get this kind of kit you really whan to get the most out of it so to make it simple I cut up his head and glued a magnet to it then smothend it out with greenstuff. 
Time to spray!
Wish me luck!

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