tisdag 15 september 2015

Tictac Whirlwind Conversion

Away back I made a whirlwind missile launcher of an tictac pack.
And this is the end result!

Too bad I never find a place for a whirlwind in any of my lists.
And with the dark colour I can use it for any of my Space Marine amies.
When this happens again, it's a real moodkiller to paint.
What I did was to tear out my KR case for my space marines and started to slap the paint on a Rhino.
After the event and 3/4 parts less wash I was forced to go the local GW supplier and buy a new can of Nuln wash.
My newly friends join me and bought some 40k maodels and I ended up with a 5th Rhino to my Salamanders army.

Better trying next time!

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