tisdag 7 juli 2015

Summer Update

At summertime I'm a really bad updater.
Yeah I get that often! I got so many things to do and shit that is spinning in my head. 

By the way, I'm doing this post on my phone so it's not the best. Bear with me gentlemen.
I'm working and at the evening I'm spending a few hours with my family, eating together, drinking coffee. Or I'm spending a lot of time with my date.  She's pretty amazing. We had some days off painting together, playing  40k or watching a few movies.
So I don't really have lot of spare time left to workshop.
But in the end I'll always make time for it.
Alexander and I played a small battle.
I went with my Iron Warriors who looks fucking bad ass now with all the forge world models. 
I remembered to take some pictures of them which you can see down below.
That FW plastic Crack got me so addicted!
Want Moooooore. ..

I have a 5 man squad Mark  II armour for them ready to be assembled and in August or September I'm gonna order more of the Horus Heresy stuff.

Until next.

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