tisdag 30 december 2014

Chaos vs Blood Angels Basement Game

So we had a 1500  pts  fight today  me and my cousin. 

First off. Amazing  game, great stuff  happens.

He was testing a new  list.
A lot  of thousand sons in rhinos
3 sorcerers with  ML  3 and a few more  stuff. 
Full of upgrades, very cool interesting  list.
A lot of boons  :)

So he didn't think I was about  to bring  3 land raiders  but I did.
We had a real  basement  game.

It was going fine first, I blasted  though  his lines  and throw  death company  dudes  over him.

Until  his character  was booning  and got chill and +2 armour  save.  lowered  my Intiative  and put some of them down.
It ended with the sorcerer periled  and got killed and the objective  was given  to me.
Interesting  game.

Thank  you my man for being  so mean  to you on the table,  next  time I'll bring Eldar  instead  ^^

Have a great  New Year eve!
I'll get back in January  with the result of my new years resolution and more updates!
Thanks for a great year  to all who have been  involved!

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