torsdag 11 juli 2013

2000 pure coolness

I played a 2000 point game with my good friend and tough opponent blood angels player.

We both had a really bad hangover and the result a lot of it: mistakes.
The best strategy I can give you guys is to get your opponent really drunk the evening before so stuff line this happening! The game was awesome anyways!

As always the dice control the game. I missed or couldn't penetrate(or glance ) a single tank or walker. As u can see on the picture, his librarian dread slaughtered 15 marines until a powerfist could finish him off.
But when my stormraven finally came aboard turn 3 and the terminators could bail out with cassius turn 4, I secured the win.
On the pic you can see how his pathetic terminators hugs the wall (mohaha) not be targeted by any plasmashots from the left of the line and the stormraven fully packed with all goodness.

It's getting late now. Off to bed.

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